In September 2000 I decided to find out how the King’s Trail between Abisko and Nikkaluokta look in the rich colors of fall.

I had hiked the segment several times before during summer time. But this was the first time during fall. It turned out to be a very nice tour. Much colder than in the summer months though. It was in the middle of September, the last week before STF shut down there cabins along the trail for the season. During the nights it was well below freezing, and in the mornings the white frost rustled under your boots.

It was not very many trekkers out on the trail, and it felt as you had it all by yourself. The cabins were empty and quiet. But the major difference compared to summer was the darkness. The days were short, and the nights pitch black. A sharp contrast to the midnight sun in the summer months.

However, it was a wonderful experience and I will probably return in the fall some time in the future.

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