Abisko - Kvikkjokk


Abisko-Nikkaloukta is the part of the King’s Trail that most hikers chose when decide to make a longer trek in the Lapland fjelds. It is a beautiful stretch of high alpine nature with many scenic vistas that absolutely has its charm.

However, high wear in combination of poor maintenance of the footbridges makes the Abisko-Nikkaloukta lose some of its attraction.

It is a shame that not a higher percentage of the hikers continue south from the Singi-cabins and continue on the King’s trail to Kaitumjaure, and via Saltoloukta to Kvikkjokk. This part of the trail (Singi-Kvikkjokk) is much less frequented, and thereby not as worn down and stoney as between Abisko and Nikkaloukta. In addition, the landscape offers more of a variation.

My hope is to give the inspiration to others to give the stretch between Abisko and Kvikkjokk a try. The first part of it between Abisko and Singi is well frequented by all the people trekking the ‘classic’ Abisko-Nikkaluokta route. The extension Singi-Kvikkjokk is far less frequented even if it is as interesting as the more northern part.

Snöbrygga vid Tjäktja


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