Sept. 14, 2000 (8:23 AM), Abisko Tourist Station   Õ

I am on my way! The sun is shining, but it is cold. Excellent weather! It was below freezing tonight, and today it is ‘mosquito free’.

Sept. 14, 2000 (10:51 AM) , Rest area (O1618574, N7582613) Õ

Taking a short break at the rest area. The sun is warming but there is still frost in the shadows. When I started this morning the puddles has a thin crust of ice. I have met 4 trekkers so far. It is windless and the weather is perfect.

Sept. 14, 2000 (12:28 PM) , Abiskojaure cabins

A short break at the Abiskojaure Cabins for lunch. Everything is OK and I will soon be on my way again. The sun is shining bright and there is no wind, There is just one hiker here at the cabins. Since the last break I have met 5 hikers. It is not that many out on the trail at this time of the year.

Sept. 14, 2000 (6:23 PM) , Tent Miesakjávri (O1612928, N7570568)

I pitched the tent just after 5 PM and cooked dinner. Tonight it is chicken casserole with vegetables and cold raspberry stew on the menu.

The trail from Abiskojaure was OK, but from the bridge NW of the Kieron cabin it was steep uphill 2 km. The trail was also very worn and stoney for 4 km which made it strenuous. I started to get tired and decided to pitch the tent for the night instead of pushing forward for the Alesjaure Cabins. I met the cabin hosts from Abiskojaure on the way up the hill from the bridge. In total I met 8 hikers today. I chatted with some of them, and they had only met one single hiker during the day. So there is not that many heading south on the trail.

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