Sept. 15, (2:41 PM), Bridge NE Påssuvarasj (O1605508, N7559117) 10°C

It became a cold night in the tent. I woke up freezing in the sleeping bag several times and had to put on more clothes. I ended up with two fleece sweaters and long johns.

I finally woke up at 9 and started walking again at 10. I reached the Alesjaure Cabins at about 1 PM. On the way I saw one tent, and met one hiker heading north. I took a short rest and had lunch before I continued. My goal is to reach the Tjäktja Cabins this afternoon and stay there tonight.

It has been a steady headwind and about 10°C since this morning. So it is “cap on”. I am only having some water here before I continue on.

Sept. 15, 2002 (7:10 PM) , Tjäktja Cabins

I arrived at the Tjäktja Cabins at about 6 PM. I will stay here for tonight. So far I am the only hiker here. According to the cabin host no one stayed here last night. It is nice to be indoors. I bet it will be a cold night at this altitude. I am having a delicious dinner consisting of ‘pasta with ham and banana’, cold raspberry stew, green tea, and ice cold water. The cabin host told me they have about 1200 guest nights each season. This will be one of them.

Sept. 15, 2002-09-15 (8:00 PM), Tjäktja Cabins

Returning to writing after having done the dishes and started the fire in the iron stove. Time to go to sleep. I hope the fire will not go out, but with the sleeping bag I should be OK anyway. So far no one else has shown up, so I guess I will be the only guest tonight.

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