Sept. 17, 2000 (4:29 PM), Kitchen Tuolpa Cabin, Kebnekaise

Just after leaving the the rest shelter at Kuoperjåkka I met two guys heading north. They seemed to be well equipped for the trek with tent, rain gear et c.

I reached the Singi Cabins at 6:30 PM where I stayed for the night. After waking up at 6:00 PM I started walking at 7:00 PM. The cabin host sent a water sample with me to Kebnekaise for analysis. The students I met in the Tjäktja Pass had found 4-5 mm long larvae in the water they had taken from the fresh water tap at Kebnekaise Mountain Station. I left the sample at the reception desk when I arrived here.

I am staying the night here in the Tuolpa Cabin. They have at least one cabin open all the year round. Actually it is the more Spartan ‘Jägarn (Hunter)’ cabin they keep open. But as they are closing the Mountain Station for the season today it is closed for cleaning today. But this cabin is OK. I have only seen one more hiker here today, so maybe I will be the only guest one here tonight. 

There is not many hikers out on the trail at this time of the year. Today I met two guys with huge backpacks just before Kebnekaise. I also saw a pitched tent on the hill east of the bridge 1.5 km E the Mountain Station.

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