Sept. 18, 2000(8:31 PM), Kitchen Tuolpa Kebnekaise Û

I slept well tonight. Time to head for Nikkaluokta. The bus leaves Nikkaluokta at 5:20 PM so it should be plenty of time. It is cloudy and raining.

Sept. 18, 2002-09-18 (3:39 PM) , Bus stop Nikkaluokta  ×

I arrived here in Nikkaluokta at 2:14 PM. I had planned for food and drink in the restaurant. But it was closed. I went up to the helicopter base and borrowed the phone to make a reservation for a room in Kiruna.

The sun is showing for the first time today. Otherwise it has been cloudy and sporadic light rain all day.

The trail was worn down and stoney to the boat station. From there it was even with some stoney segments. However, it was nice to hike downhill today!

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