Day 3


July 11, 2004

After a night’s good sleep I woke up well rested early in the morning. I paid for the lodging and bought some food before I continued at about 10 PM.

The mountain weather had changed and it was a warm and sunny day. When I reached the Singi Cabins at 2 PM the sun was shining from a clear blue sky. I got some cold and fresh water from the stream at the cabins and sat down and took off my boots for a while before I took off again.

The valley narrowed, and after having trekked tens of kilometers in the wide and open valley I feet confined to walk between the high peeks Stuor Avrrik in the west, and Stuor Jierta in the east. You feel relieved when you get out in ‘the open’ in the extension of Gávgulvággi. The trail levels out and you walk along the shore of Tjäktajåkka over a wide and quiet mountain heath.Rasad kåta på Kungsleden mellan Singi och Kaitumjaure.

This is a very beautiful segment of the King’s Trail and you understand why the the people who built the, now decayed, Lapp cot - did so at this particular spot. I rested for the while in the sunshine before I continued uphill into the birch forest towards Kaitumjaure.

When I reached the cabins at Kaitumjaure at about 6 PM the excitement was high among the Germans and Danes resting there. The reason for the commotion was a moose who, unknowingly, stood quietly grazing down in the Kaitumjaure delta. The pocket cameras fired off picture after picture even if the distance to the moose was close to a kilometer.

After a quick dinner I pushed forward at 7 PM. After a couple of days I felt that I was getting the hang of it. The goal was to reach Teusajaure before the end of the day, and at 10:30 PM I finally got there. It feels quite a bit annoying to ‘lose’ almost 300 painfully gained meters of elevation in the steep decent down to the Teusajaure Cabins. Especially with the knowledge that you have to regain them on the other side of the lake.

After a cold shower in the ‘shower cabin’ (there was not hot water left ), I checked in and tried to go to sleep. An empty bed in a 25 degree hot bed room with a snoring German in it did not appeal to me. The floor in the cooler, and much more quiet kitchen was OK in comparison. After yet another long day it did not take long before I fell asleep in my sleeping bag.

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