Day 5


September 12, 2004

I went up shortly after 8 AM. Even if I had caught just over 6 hours worth of sleep I felt alert and fresh. It was yet another morning with rain and gray skies. The boat across Sitojaure departed at 9 AM and a couple of minutes later we reached Svine.

While the other passengers disappeared down the trail I took it easy and prepared breakfast inside the rest shelter. After eating I refilled water from the fresh water spring close to the shelter before I started towards Aktse at about 10 AM.

In the steep rise to Njunjes there was a thick layer of snow left. It was icy and slippery, and the ascent was not made any safer by me picking a more foolhardy than intelligent path. The walking poles once again showed very useful, and I reached the crest without problems.

The trail dowSkjerffe från Aktsenhill to Aktse was muddy and slippery and I descended carefully. At lunchtime I arrived at the cabins. I bought some supplies and had lunch. I took it easy as the boat across the lake was not to depart until 5:30 PM.

Four young guys rested in one of the cabins, and I listened to a description of their escapades during a rainy week in Sarek and the Rapa Valley. It had been one of the wettest summers in many years. In sharp contrast to my own Sarek-trek the year before with 25 ºC and blistering sun for an entire week..Laitaure, bryggan vid Aktse Skjerffe i fonden

I was the only passenger taking the evening boat ride across Laitaure. In the forest at the other side of the lake the mosquitos started to appear. Except for them it was a pleasant hike through the forest landscape this summer night. I was careful to stock up on water before I started the climb uphill to Rittak. Two years ago there was no fresh water to find between the tree line and Rittak. It showed to be the same situation this year - even if had been a rainy summer.

At 9 PM I reached the shelter at Rittak and I decided to call it a day. I would be able to reach Kvikkjokk the next day anyway. I collected some trash, paper, a couple of logs and managed to light a fire in the stove to dry my clothes and equipment. After a well deserved dinner I went to sleep in one of the wall mounted bunks.

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