Day 6


July 16, 2005 12:45 PM, Stuorajåbba (O1513565, N7327978) 20ºCÕ

I am taking a break for lunch here where I found some running water. There has been no water along the trail since a spur of the Vuois Creek in the ascent close to the Rävfall Cabin. The sun (and the mosquitos) came out in the morning.

The weather has been nice since I left the Sjnultjie Cabin yesterday. The trail was quite boring until you reached the county line. When you croseed the border into Västerbotten the landscape changed into beautiful rolling hills. Except for two young women I met just before the county line, and a tent close to the Guolets Creek I have not met anyone on the trail.

I took the new segment of the trail and turned west towards Rävfallet. The trail was in good condition except for the steep decent through the thick birch forest. The mosquitos disappeared inside the forest, but you had to keep your focus on where you put down you feet.  It was slippery and wet, and several trees had fallen across the trail. I had no problem following the trail even if it was not marked at all.

I reached the Rävfall Cabin at about 11 PM. It was dark and quiet, but it was full of mountain riders. It was a group of 9 riders with guides from the company Fjällhästen. They had been out on the trail for a week and were sleeping here before their final segment downhill to Ammarnäs. In the morning I was offered breakfast with porridge and fresh bread, which I gladly accepted.

I started the segment toAmmarnäs at about 9 AM. The ascent from the Rävfall cabin was not that strenuous. Above the tree line the trail meanders by itself. On the map it looks as the summer and winter trails coincide, but they do not. It is a beautiful vista of low rolling hills, and you can see some higher mountains at the horizon.

My plan is to hike a shorter then usual distance today, stay in Ammarnäs overnight, take a shower, wash my clothes, and sleep in a bed.

July 16, 2005 9:12 PM, Fjällhästen (O1518058, N7317512)  15ºC Õ

The segment of the trail down to Ammarnäs was easy. The vista was beautiful and the condition of the trail above the tree line was good. The sun came out and burned my skin.

Down in the birch forest the trail was even and smooth to begin with. But over time it became rocky and rough. Parts of it was pure ATV trail.

The trail markers had fallen down and pointed in all directions. It was a sign of the poor maintenance of the trail on this segment. I guess they had been run down by snow mobiles during winter time and never reerected again.

The final ascent down to the village was poorly marked and very steep. I went down through the slalom course, and continued to the Fjällhästen hostel. After a well needed shower I went up to the STF hostel to wash my clothes. It will be nice to start off tomorrow morning with a set of clean clothes.



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