Day 8


July 18,2005 11:04 AM, Bridge N Servvejávvrie (O1494287,N7319375) 17ºC Þ

I am taking a short break at the bridge just north of Servvejávvrie before I continue south.

Yesterday I made good progress downhill from the pass. Also on this side it was little water available until you got down quite a bit in the slope. The fog rolled in, and when I reached Vuomatjåhkka the fog was so dense that you did not see the cabin from the summer trail. The fog just got even more dense, and finally you could not see more than 25-50 meter. As the summer and winter trail coincided, the trail markers on the winter trail was a good help in keeping track of the trail.

In the birch forest downhill toward the bridge over Servvejuhka I met a family of four who struggled uphill. I continued across the bridge, that seemed to need some maintenance, and reached the  Serve Cabin at 11 PM.

I spoke for a while with the cabin host, had a quick dinner consisting of some cookies, and went to sleep. I had no problem finding an empty bed. I was the only guest this night.

This morning I had to repair the sole on my boot again, had some more cookies for breakfast, and hit the trail. There are more hikers at the trail now. Two guys with a dog are resting here at the bridge, and just before the bridge I met a Danish couple by their tent.

It looks as the sole is loose once again, and I am trying to rapair it once again.

July 18, 2005 2:40PM , Tärnasjö Cabins (O1486024, N7321002)  22ºC Þ

The sun has appeared more and more frequently from behind the clouds, and now it is shining from a clear blue sky. However, it is fairly cool as there is a light breeze. I am having some more cookies before continuing south.

The last segment of the trail was in good condition. Mostly downhill except for some minor hills. I met two young women just after I had started from the bridge.

A guy from the County arrived here by helicopter earlier today. He is going to check the condition of the trail. Well needed. Let’s say he will have some work to do!

July 18, 2005 10:05 PM, Syter cabin (O1481400, N7310314) 17ºC

The trail from the Tärnasjö Cabins and here led through the birch forest along the lake and was pretty uninteresting. It was poorly maintained and the planks and bridges were broken.

The sun was shining during the day, but inside the forest there was shade and few mosquites. I met a couple, and later on a group of three hikers before I reached the bridges across the Tärna Lake.

The attraction of this segment was the “arkipelago” in the southern part of Tärnasjön. Here you are crossing a string of 7 bridges jumping from island to island. Six out of the seven bridges were newly built, and on this part of the trail they have really made an investment.

I struggled uphill in the slope leading up to the Syter Cabins. There was little water available before you reached above the tree line. I arrived at the cabins at around 7:30 PM. I cooked dinner and washed up after a sweaty day.

I borrowed some sand paper and ethanol fuel from the cabin hostess to clean the surfaces of the sole that had got loose once again. I managed to get the surfaces dry and clean, and I think that this time the repair will last all the way to Hemavan.


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