Day 9


July 19, 2005, 11:03 AM,Syterskalet’s Cabin (O1476534,N7308307) 15ºC Þ

I started about 9 AM from the Syter Cabins. The sun was shining in the morning but it has become more and more overcast over time. The uphill slope at Sjul-Olsaxeln was not that strenous.

The number of hikers on the trail is increasing. In the downhill slope from Sjul-Olsaxeln I met two couples. But there are even more reindeers! Just before the rest cabin, high up on the mountain slope on a snow patch, the sami had worked with the calf marking during the night. When they let all the reindeers out from the enclosing, they came running straight at me, and crossed the trail not more than 50 meters ahead of me.

I am taking a break here in the cabin before continuing to Viterskalet. Since I got here two groups with 3 + 6 hikers on their way in the opposite direction have arrived. A couple walked past the cabin on their way to Viterskalet.

Syterskalet is really beautiful with its characteristic U-shape. The difference in elevation between the bottom of the valley and the peaks of the surrounding mountains is somewhere between 800 and 900 meters. As the valley has been carved out by the ice at a rate of a couple of millimeters per year it has taken a while.

July 19, 2005 9:14 PM,STF hostel Hemavan (O1467145,N7301388) 20ºC Õ

It was a fast paced hike through Syterskalet. I passed a couple and met two day hikers who had taken a break for lunch. I also met a 70 year old Danish women who came speeding in the opposite direction. The vista was just beautiful, and my opinion is that today’s segment has been the highlight of the entire hike. The part of the trail within the valley of Syterskalet has much in common with the King’s Trail segment through Tjäktjavagge further north.

With just a couple of hundred meters remaining to the Viterskal Cabins it started to rain really bad at 2:30 PM. The timing was perfect, and I took a longer break than planned inside the main cabin. I also bought some food. It was a steady stream of hikers passing by the cabins, a sign that I was approaching the civilization again.

After about an hour I hit the trail again, on to the last segment to Hemavan. The clouds disappeared during the afternoon. The views from the trail were just astonishing.

At about 5 PM I reached the first ski lift at Hemavan where I met two young women who were on the first day of their hike. The trail continued for a while above the tree line before it finally went down into the forest again. Two day hikers and a mountain biker passed me, and I met about 10 more hikers on my way down to the village.

Almost exactly 6 PM I reached the southern starting point of the King’s Trail, and also the end of my hike. About 8 days after I started in Kvikkjokk. A short segment along the asphalt road down to the village was all that remained. I arrived at the STF hostel, and checked in, about 6:30 PM.

The complex consisted of a couple of separate houses - all of them with animal names. Quite fittingly I got a room in the Mosquito building!

I took a shower, washed my clothes and went to ICA Fjällboden to buy some food. I then feell asleep without problems after a wonderful hike.


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