A couple of interesting links:

  • www.utsidan.se
    Link to Utsidan, a web site covering every aspect of the outdoors. Discussion forum, articles, tests of equipment, and much more. Beginners and experienced trekkers, all meet here. Do you have a question? Raise it it one of the discussion groups, and you will soon have ananswer.
  • www.fotosidan.se
    Link to Fotosidan, a web site for all photographers: pros as well as amateurs
  • www.svenskaturistforeningen.se
    Link to Svenska Turistföreningen (Swedish Tourist Association). If you are planning a trip along the King’s trail you will find a lot of information here.
  • www.ltnbd.se
    Link to Länstrafiken in Norrbotten; routes and timetabeles. Their bus lines will take you to many of the start- and endpoints of the more popular trails in Lapland.


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