Arctic Circle  - Towns and Lodges

Come and experience an extraordinary place with unique natural wonders and cultural traditions. You can see the fantastic northern lights or Aurora Borealis, which illuminate the night sky with a variety of colors. The region is also home to breathtaking glaciers, fjords and icebergs, giving you a chance to explore the remarkable beauty of this icy landscape. In addition to the natural wonders, visitors can also engage with Greenlandic Inuit culture by visiting small villages and participating in traditional activities such as dog sledding or kayaking. The region’s untouched wilderness and unique cultural heritage make it a unique destination for adventurous travelers.


Kangerlussuaq is a small town surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and wilderness. You can expect to experience a wide range of outdoor activities and adventures. You can go on guided tours to explore the Ice Sheet and see its impressive size and beauty. Kangerlussuaq is also a popular destination for hiking and trekking, with several trails available for different skill levels.



In Sisimiut you can explore the arctic landscape and experience the rich culture of the Inuit people. You can take part in a wide range of adventures such as dog sledding, snowmobiling, hiking and fishing. In winter, the northern lights can often be seen in the clear night sky, and in summer, the fantastic fjords and glaciers offer breathtaking scenery. You can also experience the traditional Inuit way of life, including hunting and fishing.



Maniitsoq is known for its natural beauty and unique cultural experiences. Its proximity to the Arctic Circle allows you to see the fantastic northern lights during the winter months. In addition, you can explore the nearby glaciers and fjords, which provide breathtaking scenery and opportunities for hiking, kayaking and fishing. The city itself is also rich in culture, with a strong artistic community known for creating beautiful traditional Greenlandic handicrafts.



Kangaatsiaq is a small town which is a unique place to visit. The city is known for its surroundings with picturesque mountains and a fantastic view of the sea. One of the highlights is the opportunity to experience traditional Inuit culture. The town is home to a number of local artisans who create beautiful handicrafts using traditional techniques. Kangaatsiaq is also a great place to enjoy outdoor activities, including hiking in the mountains, kayaking in the nearby fjords, and fishing.