Destinations in Greenland

Greenland is an enormous country. It’s one-third the size of the United States, and from north to south, the distance equals the distance between Scotland and the Sahara Desert. To make your planning easier, we present the regions of Greenland below.

Destination Disko Bay

Disko Bay is home to the Ilulissat Ice Fjord with its UNESCO World Heritage, the lush Disko Island with its volcanic mountains, Eqi Glacier, and a handful of other towns and settlements. It comes as no surprise that, with all these highlights, Disko Bay is the most popular destination in Greenland.

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Destination Nuuk

Greenland’s capital is steeped in culture and adventures, whether you are in the center of the town or the beautiful fjords of Nuuk’s hinterland. It is a pure paradise for fans of sports and Inuit culture, boasting many unique experiences.

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