Adventures in Disko Bay

In Disko Bay, you find massive icebergs, whales, UNESCO World Heritage, Inuit culture, dog sledding, boat tours, hiking, and inviting lodges.

All year, Disko Bay is the most popular tourist destination in Greenland. This comes down to the stunning nature but also its plethora of adventures.

Ilulissat has its magnificent Ice Fjord, Qeqertarsuaq has a spectacular volcanic and lush landscape with many whales, and Aasiaat is a kayaker’s paradise. In addition, Qasigiannguit offers hiking, whales, and, not least, amazing winter dogsledding.

Towns and Lodges

There are four towns in the Disko Bay area and a lot of smaller settlements. They all offer something special.

Towns & Lodges

A Dog Sledding Paradise

Disko Bay is one of the world’s dog sledding hotspots. There are dog sleds and sled dogs in all towns, and going out on the ice or slopes while the dogs in front of you love dragging the sled is a thrilling experience. Our winter tours are highly popular, thanks to the opportunity to try riding a dog sled. In Qasigiannguit, in particular, you can go on some amazing expeditions.


Adventures on Snowmobile

The snowmobile has become a frequent form of transport, because it adapts to a wide variety of terrains and allows quick access to the remotest places. It is a great adventure to drive through the snow, and with every twist and turn, you’ll be surrounded by the stunning beauty of a winter wonderland.


Northern Lights

With Northern Lights, you will be overwhelmed by the illusive, exceptionally gorgeous sight and the physical experience of standing speechless and seeing them up in the sky. The light you see right now will never return. It is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular and beautiful sights of the arctic night.


The Whales of Disko Bay

In Disko Bay, you can see a variety of whale species. If you go on a whale-watching safari from one of the towns, you have a high chance of seeing huge whales up close. This is because whales swim near the shore and thrive in large parts of Disko Bay.


Inuit Culture in Daily Life

Even though Greenland is in many ways a modern, westernized country, our ancient Inuit traditions are still a very big part of our everyday life. Dog sledding, upholding the handicraft to build kayaks and umiaqs, sewing completely watertight work clothes from sealskin and making the beaded parts of our national costume. You can get to experience all of it!


Boat Tours

You can go on beautiful boat cruises to see the Greenland Ice Sheet and glaciers, look for whales, or simply sail from town to town. Glaciers, high cliffs, rivers and streams, rolling hills, mountain peaks, and icebergs can all be found in Disko Bay. Being at sea is never dull! Go on a boat trip in the day and, if feasible, another one in the evening to catch the golden glow of the midnight sun.