Terms & Conditions

It is always good to read the pages where things appear in small print. The conditions below are the basis of the agreement between you as a customer and us as a tour provider. Therefore, we hope you will read the terms and conditions before booking your excursions.

At Arctic Excursions, we have taken out product insurance. Only boats approved by the Danish Maritime Authority are used for sailing with paying passengers on the excursions that include sailing by boat. Likewise, on the excursions that include helicopters and planes, we only use planes and helicopters that have all the necessary permits from the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority to transport paying passengers.



All prices stated on Arctic Excursions are the actual prices. The only fees that may be added occur if the bank charges for the card handling.



Excursions can be purchased via www.arcticexcursions.com and are only finally confirmed when online payment has been made.

We send confirmations, tickets, and possibly other necessary information by e-mail. Therefore, you must bring these documents with you as documentation for purchasing excursions. Remember to read these documents before departure. They contain important information and good advice about the booked activities.

If the names on your ticket or confirmation do not match your booking, please remember to notify us immediately.

For us to contact you when you are in Greenland, you must also provide your telephone number when booking.



Arctic Excursions reserves the right to cancel events in the following cases: If there are too few registrations, poor ice or snow conditions, technical problems on the boat, helicopter, or piste machine, community tasks (e.g., Search & Rescue flights, ambulance flights or searches, changes related to scheduled services), bad weather as well as in cases that are beyond Arctic Excursions control which make implementation impossible in a responsible manner. The captain of the helicopter, boat, or piste machine, respectively, or Arctic Excursions, decides whether the weather is for implementation or not.

If Arctic Excursions cancels an event for one of the above reasons, the full amount of the excursion and any paid fees will be fully refunded to the customer.

If the customer has purchased several trips with Arctic Excursions, and the program change of one excursion affects other excursions in the overall program, we will try to adapt the overall program so that everything can be achieved. This is free of charge, of course. Should any excursions in this connection be canceled, we will also refund those if they have been booked through Arctic Excursions. Arctic Excursions does not assume responsibility for other operators’ excursions if program changes affect them.


Shortened Trips

Trips can be shortened or changed along the way for various reasons. It can be due to the weather, snow, ice conditions, etc.


If You, the Customer, Want to Cancel or Change a Booking

We recommend that you buy illness cancellation insurance and travel insurance to be insured in case of illness for you, your fellow travelers, or your immediate family.

Arctic Excursions does not take responsibility for delays in transportation in the event of irregularity on the part of the transport companies. Should a delay occur en route, which means you will not be able to attend a purchased excursion, please contact Arctic Excursions as soon as possible before the excursion departure time. In each case, we will try to rebook you for another day, but there is no guarantee that this is possible.

Purchased excursions can be canceled free of charge four weeks before the excursion date. If canceled from four weeks and up to one week before the excursion date, 50 % of the excursion price will be refunded. Excursions canceled one week before the excursion date are non-refundable. The same applies in the case of a no-show from the excursion.


Ticket Required

Participation in an excursion is not possible without a ticket. The ticket is personal and cannot be used by others. We kindly ask you to bring a valid government-issued photo ID.


Minimum Number of Participants

The individual excursions have a minimum number of participants. That number is described under the individual excursions. We make exceptions in a few cases and implement with fewer participants. Cancellation of trips due to too few registered participants can happen up to a day before an excursion starts. Should this happen, we offer an alternative tour. If this is not possible, we will cancel and refund the trip. No further claim for damages can be made against Arctic Excursions.


Level of Difficulty

At Arctic Excursions, we expect that you read the tour description on the tours you book thoroughly. This also means that we expect that the level of difficulty matches your physical ability.


E-mail and Telephone Number

When booking, you must provide us with your e-mail address and telephone number. You are responsible for informing us of any changes to your email account and telephone number before the excursion.


Liability for Damages

Arctic Excursions disclaim any responsibility concerning canceled trips and compensation related to expected experiences. Furthermore, we also waive any liability for damages concerning delays in excursions, which means that participants lose connection to other onward transportation.



At Arctic Excursions, we strive to exercise the utmost care and take all relevant safety measures. Still, it must be emphasized that it is the participant’s own responsibility to participate in the arranged activities, and the participant thus accepts the risk associated with this. Thus, Arctic Excursions is not responsible for losses, damages, costs, or expenses due to participating in the arranged excursions. You, as a participant, are also encouraged to help assess the situation during the excursions and say no if you feel insecure or uncomfortable.



Any complaints must be made during the trip so that the unsatisfactory conditions can be improved immediately. They must also be addressed to Arctic Excursion staff immediately after the end of the activity. If the purpose of the complaint cannot be resolved here, a written complaint must be submitted no later than one week after returning from the trip. All lawsuits against Arctic Excursions must be brought before Greenlandic or Danish law. Complaints should be sent to info@arcticexcursions.com.



Arctic Excursions has statutory product insurance. However, it does not include insurance of the participants’ private property. Should the private property be damaged or lost during the trip, it is at the participant’s own expense or insurance. Therefore, we recommend that you take out insurance to cover these cases before leaving your home country.


Other Conditions

We have done our best to avoid typos at www.arcticexcursions.com, but they cannot be totally avoided, and we are not economically responsible for losses, costs, or expenses as a possible result of these.