South Greenland - Home of Norse culture, hot springs and lush meadows

South Greenland is a magnificent destination for those of you who are looking for breathtaking natural experiences and unique cultural experiences. The area is famous for its fantastic ice fjords, glaciers and icebergs, but South Greenland is also home to several historical sites, including Viking ruins and old churches that date all the way back to the 12th century. Learn more about the area’s fascinating history by visiting museums and cultural centers. For those interested in the outdoors, South Greenland offers opportunities for fishing, hunting, kayaking, climbing and hiking. The region is also an excellent destination for bird enthusiasts.


Qaqortoq is Kujalleq Municipality’s largest city with 2,784 inhabitants, and there is a lot to experience here. On arrival, you will first notice the cosy, multi-coloured houses. The city also offers good shops, art and culture. Therefore, it is a favorite destination for cruise ships. In addition, Qaqortoq is the center for trade and education in South Greenland, and many young people take their education here. In Danish, the city is also known as Julianehåb.



In Qassiarsuk you can get really close to the Norse culture. When the Viking Erik den Røde braved the waters between Iceland and Greenland over 1,000 years ago, he made the city his home, and today you can still see the remains of the church, stables and hall of that time. Experience Erik the Red´s manor, and take a detour past the statue of Leif Erikson (Erik the Red’s son), who stands guard at his former home. Qassiarsuk also offers beautiful hiking routes, including to the sheep farm Tasiusaq.



The granite peaks in the nearby Tasermiut Fjord are known to attract rock and mountain climbers from all over the world, while kayakers can experience the island’s beauty from the sea. If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, Nanortalik offers unrivaled hiking routes through the countryside. Nanortalik also houses the country’s most comprehensive local museum. If you need relaxation, you can step into a hot spring, where you can enjoy the view over high mountains and icebergs.



Like Qassiarsuk, the cozy village of Igaliku makes it possible to get up close with the old Vikings and experience the remains of Norse culture. And at the end of the city begins the vast wilderness, which has several marked hiking trails that can take you past waterfalls and icebergs.



Narsarsuaq is a small town with only about 170 inhabitants. During the summer period you can experience hiking, boating, kayaking, fishing and cycling. All around the city you can still see signs of the role the city played as an Allied air base during the Second World War. In Narsarsuaq you can also hike through one of Greenland’s few forests.



If you want to explore South Greenland on your own, Narsaq is the right place. There are fewer organized tours here, which makes the destination perfect for adventurers who want to chart their own course. Narsaq is also the hub for sheep farming in South Greenland, and just outside the town you will find the farm Landnám, which is one of the oldest Norbor ruins in the area.