East Greenland  - Towns and Lodges

East Greenland is a unique destination, located just a short flight from Iceland, yet a world away in terms of culture and landscapes. This remote region is dominated by the Ice Cap and incredibly steep mountain ranges, but it is also home to 3,500 people who have built their lives here.

The local culture in East Greenland is deeply rooted in myths and legends, as evidenced by the bone and rock carvings that can be found throughout the region. Despite this ancient heritage, the culture is also connected to the rest of the world, with a strong hunting tradition and a spirit of adventure that infuses everyday life

Whether you’re interested in ice fiords, hiking, heliskiing, or experiencing the northern lights, East Greenland offers a year-round destination for travelers. The small settlements that dot the landscape are perfect for exploring, while the main town of Tasiilaq serves as a gateway for adventurers embarking on longer expeditions into the rugged backcountry for climbing, kayaking, Ice Cap exploration, and mountaineering.


Be prepared to be enchanted by a panorama of breathtaking scenery with valleys and towering mountains, icebergs and whales in the fjords. During summer, Tasiilaq is a study in green and white, with the occasional black when you catch a glimpse of a whale. For hikers, the area is a paradise, with trails suited to all levels of experience. But, even if hiking is not your thing, you can still enjoy the magnificent views and indulge in the many tours that cater to all types of people.



Kulusuk is a charming settlement in East Greenland that offers visitors a chance to experience traditional Inuit culture while enjoying modern amenities. The settlement, which is home to only 250 people, relies heavily on hunting and fishing for survival, and is therefore bustling at the water’s edge. However, thanks to the airport, there are also many people who make a living from tourism, providing visitors with an opportunity to witness the local culture firsthand.



Ittoqqortoormiit is the most isolated town in Greenland, located between the world’s largest national park and fjord system. The city’s backyard is a wilderness with abundant wildlife, icebergs, and traditional Inuit hunting practices. Visitors can access the town via helicopter, boat, or snowmobile, or through expedition cruises in the summer. Ittoqqortoormiit offers various attractions such as a church, museum, soccer field, and colorful houses to explore.